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The Biocluster Assists in the Green Transition


The Biocluster Assists in the Green Transition

The European geopolitical situation has changed dramatically after Russia started a war in Ukraine. The war is already affecting the availability and prices of energy and food. Interest rates are rising and the markets are facing an economic downturn.

However, our region in Northern Finland is rich in natural resources and the people here are entrepreneurial. Food is produced locally. The people living here have a connection to the land and the surrounding nature. Naturally, there are plenty of reasons to pay even more attention to self-sufficiency in the future.

The Security of Supply and the Sense of Crisis

The concept of ‘security of supply’ has recently come to the fore front in political discussions, but what does it really mean?

Security of supply refers to the ability to get through crisis conditions and variety of other sort of disruptions while minimizing rearrangements and disadvantages. This sort of preparedness is created by identifying and analysing potential threats, evaluating all consequences, and taking any action deemed necessary to mitigate the risks.

Plenty of individuals have purchased supplies that help them to get by on their own for a few days in an emergency. Some have prepared for the potential rise of costs by hoarding certain goods. Businesses have already needed to take steps to ensure their access to raw materials and components due to the supply problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is challenging to function in a constant state of crisis. Anticipating needs has become increasingly difficult as the circumstances keep rapidly changing.

The Green Transition Improves Self-Sufficiency

The progress of climate change requires a lot of wisdom and understanding when it comes to the selection and use of all the available resources. Traffic powered by biogas and electricity means new investments and technology. The cost of transport affects the prices of products and challenge Finland’s export-oriented economy. Due to the higher fuel prices the mobility of people has become increasingly difficult in rural areas, where distances are long and public transportation are scarce.

The rising costs of energy and fuel considerably accelerate the need for the green transition. It also creates more business opportunities in our region. For instance, there is growing need for the production of biogas and wind energy. Raising the level of energy self-sufficiency means that we need to also use peat as an energy source longer than previously anticipated.

Everyone hopes for a great harvest this year for Northern Finland. Clean water and food are irreplaceable resources and their quality is top notch in our country. The goal in the near future is to develop more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, higher-processed goods and products, and services based on natural resources.

Accessing EU funding

A number of European Union sources of funding foster digitalisation, bio-economy, renewable energy and green growth more than ever. Other important themes include environmentally friendlier industries, greener traffic, sustainable construction as well as combating climate change.

Potential from Haapavesi – Biocluster to Oulu South -project is part of this value adding process by supporting regional development and local businesses. The Project is funded by the European Regional Develoment Fund until summer 2023.

For more information about the project, please visit or contact the project personnel.

The 28th of March 2022

Anne Sormunen

Project Manager

M.Sc.(International Business)